Series: Part two – We see the past.

Series: Part two – We see the past.

Can you believe it? No? Maybe you will change your mind soon.

As I wrote earlier, a long time ago, I realized that our senses often mislead us. So today, it will be about eyes and seeing again.

In the picture, you can see one case where it is clear that the shooter could very quickly say my “beloved” sentence, “I shot a ten.”

I’m sorry, you didn’t. You just saw it as ten.

But what’s happened. And why was the shooter sure that he shot a ten?

About reasons why was this shot 9, we can speak in our training or consultations. However, there are a few different reasons for it, and few solutions exist to eliminate such shots in the future. 

I will now explain why the shooter saw a ten.

Our eyes are sensors receiving the pockets of photons (we usually call it the light). But, up exciting researches of Danish scientists, the light can be particles or waves. So this great aperture (our eyes) changes these photons to electrical signals and sends them to the center of seeing in our back brain. 

What does this all mean? Everything that we think is now already happened 0.2 or more seconds earlier. We are simply living in the past; without that, we realized this.

Until we see the position of the gun in the target is gun already in a different place.

This process always takes some time. It can be together with triggering up to 0.3 seconds. Are you aware of how long way is doing the gun in the target during this time? It can be dependent on the shooter’s stability of 3 to 5 mm or more. The pellet is 4.5 mm wide. 

That means it is easy to shoot a nine and don’t see it.

But there is also good information. My shooter doesn’t lie to me 

Are you still believe your eyes? Maybe you will change your mind after the following article.

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