Series: Part one – I Swear I Shoot A Ten And Similar “Jokes”

Series: Part one – I swear I shot a ten and similar “jokes.”

My dear shooting friends and students have said the following sentence many times in training after wrong shots: “I swear, coach, I shot a ten.” And I believed them.

Do you think I’m too naive, and they just lied to me?

Sometimes maybe yes, but mostly it was something else.

It was a long time ago that I realized that our senses mislead us many times. So, I began to study this phenomenon more thoroughly in-depth. Since it is difficult to classify this knowledge into any category, I gradually described it in this series.

Today it will be about how our eyes deceive us.

It is probably clear to everyone that our senses are controlled beyond our common control. However, I am aware that people can change this through continuous training and cultivating extraordinary abilities such as pain management. I will deal with this later because it is part of the training I teach my students to achieve exceptional performance at the world level. But now I’m talking about the average person who decided to do sports.

The control centers where the available information is evaluated are in the brain. However, according to the latest research, other smaller centers significantly affect how we perceive a particular situation. 

Sometimes, our desire is so intense that our brain evaluates the situation as we wish and not as it is. That can also be the case from the picture. The intention to shoot a ten combined with really excellent stability complemented the necessary information for the brain so that a signal came to the center of consciousness: You hit a ten. The shooter saw it as an excellent ten in the center, but he aimed in 10.1. So along with the dispersion of shots was resulting 9.9 points. 

But the eyes and senses deceive us much more – about that next time.

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