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The long-term mental Training program

  • For all categories of shooters and coaches
  • The training program is designed for people who want to eliminate stress and anxiety and better understand human psychology.
  • Learn the ways how to reach your goals.
  • Learn everything from sports psychology that a Top athlete needs.
  • The session consists of an educative part and exercises.
  • Your benefits: reduction of stress, regular mental exercise, improved self-confidence, improved health, increased mental power, improved emotional control over every situation, and understanding of bioenergetic, electromagnetic, and informational fields of the human body. An example of the second part/exercise, you can find here
  • Discovery of the lost sacral knowledge.
  • The course duration is 3 months/12 sessions.
  • The training session duration is 30 Minutes – 1 time per week.
  • Training day is Wednesday.
  • The session starts at 20:30 in India, CET (Europe), and EST (USA/New York).
  • About 5 minutes before the start you will receive an invitation link via email. We are using a Google Meet program.
  • If you miss your session, you have no right to receive compensation.
  • Possible answers to your questions during the educative part.
  • Possible individual consultations (not a part of the program)
  • You will have access to videos on the website or youtube.
  • The course price is 550 € / 440 € for Walther!