Do you need a coach?

During years on shooting ranges, I realized that many shooters prefer to fight with shooting techniques alone. This makes all training more interesting but can many times bring a lot of problems. Anyway, we decided to offer also these members of our shooting family the opportunity to make strong progress via our tutorials.

Is possible that it can work?

I’m absolutely sure that it can work. I met during my coaching career many interesting shooters, who did it. One of them is for example my friend Yuha Hirvi (Finland). He started with regular training at the age of about 24 years. In 40 he won a silver medal in Free rifle 3*40 at the Olympic Games in Sydney. During our many friendly talks, he said that he didn’t have a coach with whom he regularly practiced. He is one of more such examples.

I personally always tried to find the correct solution alone or with minimal help from outside. It makes me more fun to study possible solutions within my mind or use some system that I call “The first idea”. Usually, the first idea is probably correct but must be filled few


1 – You need to have some good pocket of information and opinion, many times very controversial, about the problem which you want to solve.

2 – You need to respect that your inner intelligence is much smarter than your ego.

3 – Is required to switch off your ego and mind and become the only still observers of thoughts that are coming to you.

4 – Advantage is if you have solid bases in meditation and you are able to switch yourself to such a statement within seconds.

5 – You have to make from thoughts what came to you some rank of importance by influence on the solved problem.

6 – You need to accept first thought but you must test it in reality and be ready to accept that someone invisible is just trying to confuse you with some very stupid ideas.

7 – If will be the first idea not correct don’t hit with your head to the wall and calmly continue to the second step by the rank what you prepared in your head or in your notice.

This is the way how I’m trying to find solutions for my shooters. Maybe you can try using it. Or I can teach you my way.

In case that you will get some trouble without the solution or you will see stagnation in your progress because there is some hidden problem, you can anytime use some of our programs Live Online Training or some of our Online Course and then continue with your developing and growing again alone.


Maybe you don’t need a coach, but you for sure need some source of knowledge. My suggestion is to have someone, who really understand the anatomy and physiology of your body, understand how to build correct shooting position, shooting technique, how is working our mind, have knowledge about physical technical, and mental preparation, understand all about shooting equipment, inner and outer ballistics, how to test and choose ammo, what to do with mirage, wind, light change, what is the reason for a shot on 8 hours, understand Newton mechanics and have an idea about QM, etc…

Most probably I would call such a polymath the coach but you can call him a supervisor, an adviser, or a friend.

You of course have also other possibilities. Studying, hard practicing, looking for available information everywhere, asking experienced shooters and coaches. It’s a long way with much more mistakes but is also interesting. You will realize that much good-minded advice is not working for you and you need to start from zero again. The danger is that you will have good knowledge but you will not find a solution for yourself. You can become not a big winner but a good coach. You have to decide what is your goal.

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