Our NEW Pistol Coach says: Shooting is my passion, and it can also be your passion. 

My name is Munkhbayar, and shooting is my passion. I was born and raised in Mongolia. Since becoming a professional pistol shooter at the age of 16, I have competed in countless national and international contests representing Mongolia and Germany in my later years.

How I started shooting.

It all began in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in October of 1985. Then, students in ages 14-16 were selected into rifle and pistol competitions for school events. Right then, I held a pistol in my hand for the first time and managed to place third in the 25m precision event. After that, I started to like this sport and joined a shooting team with other beginners like me and more advanced athletes.

The person who chose me to compete in that school competition was the Head Coach of sport shooting, Mr. Ts. Ulziibayar. After training for six years under his intensive guidance, I won the bronze medal at my first Olympic Games 1992 in Barcelona as the first woman ever to win an Olympic medal for Mongolia. Mr. Ts. Ulziibayar is still my favorite personal coach, and I still seek his advice even now.

International competitions.

When my training started to show good results, it steadily increased my motivation to perform better. I realized I had a talent for this sport and continued to do my best. Finally, two years after starting pistol shooting, I had the chance to go to Poland to my first international junior competition. It was indeed a new experience all over. 

In 1990 I placed 4th in 10m air pistol event at my first World Cup in Suhl, Germany. I competed there with brand new weapons because the Mongolian shooting federation purchased some just before the event. This shows that even with new and unfamiliar weapons, you can always bring good results if you only have the proper technique.

My life as a professional shooter.

As a member of the national team of Mongolia, I took part in many competitions and have visited many shooting ranges all over the world. In 1995 I went to Germany to study sports science and soon realized that being a professional athlete, a student, and a mother was not easy to manage in a foreign country. However, during my studies in Germany, I continued to train hard and participated in the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996 and Sydney in 2000.

After seven years living in Germany, I started to compete as a member of the German national team. Amongst many events, I entered the Olympic Games of Athen 2004, Beijing 2008, and lastly London 2012. In Beijing, I won my second Olympic bronze medal, making me the first woman of the German team to ever win a medal in a pistol shooting event.

I can now proudly say that I have brought multiple “first” medals in both 10m air pistol and 25m pistol events for two nations.  

If we work together in the future, I will share my knowledge and experience on how to become a School, Club, National, World, or Olympic champion.

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