The safety rules in sports shooting.

The safety rules in sports shooting.

Following safety instructions while shooting is the most important thing. That’s why I find it very important and necessary to dedicate this lesson to the topic of safety.

It’s important to know, learn and respect safety rules. It is also essential for coaches to see the rules to teach their shooters and expect them to follow these instructions contained in safety rules. Most of the accidents happen when the owner of the gun is convinced that his gun is not loaded. Due to his distractibility, he does harm himself or someone around him.

Basic Safety Rules:


-Always manipulate with the gun as would be loaded!!!

-Always before you take a gun make sure that the bold is opened and that the barrel is empty ( of course do not do the check-up in the way that you pull a trigger or do not do the control by watching into a barrel)

-Always move with the gun with barrel directed straight up and not horizontally

-Always enter fire line only on command of the competent person, with the gun in a cocoon, the gun is unpacked when a competent person allows it.

-Always check if there isn’t anyone around or close to your target

-Always and immediately after the shot open bold

-Always when you are at your shooting position you must direct your gun in the direction of the target

-Always after the competition, when you shot a last shot call on the judge, he will check if your gun is uncharged. Just after his check-up, you can put aside your gun and thereafter pack it into a gun-pack.

-Always during the competition, or when you have a break and you finished the competition, leave a gun lay empty unloaded with opened bold directed to the targets.


-Never point your or anybody else gun towards a human, not even for a fun!!!!

-Never take someone else gun into your hands, do not touch someone else gun without the allowance of the owner.

-Never begin to shot if there is anyone at your sight, the shot can bounce from the target and harm someone, even if you might think that the person is far enough from the target. If you see anyone, immediately alarm a competent person (judge)

-Never begin to shot before the command to start to shoot

You need to learn these official and unofficial rules so that you will be able to use them automatically in praxis.

Joy stemmed from a precise hit that can appear only when you know that you at your training or competition didn’t harm anyone. And that’s why is not important if you hit the right 10 or not. It is important that you are calm, that you have joy while shooting. And is very important that this happiness is not interrupted by tragedy.

You have to be always aware, a rifle is a gun, which can cause a tragedy when used wrongly. Almost all of the accidents and tragic cases happened involuntary or during acting some joke involuntarily. Behind many of these situations with tragic ends is a distraction.

If you will not follow these safety rules you need to know that you are causing danger to your friend, other shooters, coaches, yourself, and everyone around. And that’s something you do not want to do!

Wish you safe and joyful shots.

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