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We have a big goal for you:

Have fun!

Cross your shadow!

Live your dream of success!

This is our way for you:

Improve your shooting technique.

Understand better your shooting position.

Learn yourself hidden knowledge.

Live online competitions.

Find and improve your mental power!

Become a strong competitor!

Compete with our athletes from Germany, the USA, India, Spain, Mexico, Island, and other countries.

Raise your results!

Shooting coach online - Live Online training.

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Bill Mach, Michigan, USA


Online training – for us it was wonderful because it allowed us to get a lot of the detailed work that we didn’t know about.

Raymond Kane, Ireland

Coach, for many years national team member

Now I realized there’s another way, there’s the Anton way. I can actually create stability even at my age and no back pain whatsoever. It’s amazing.

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