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  • Series: 1st – I Swear I Shoot A Ten And Similar “Jokes”
    Series: 1 – I swear I shot a ten and similar “jokes.” My dear shooting friends and students have said the following sentence many times in training after wrong shots: “I swear, coach, I shot a ten.” And I believed them. Do you think I’m too naive, and they just lied to me? Sometimes maybe…
  • The safety rules in sports shooting.
    The safety rules in sports shooting. Following safety instructions while shooting is the most important thing. That’s why I find it very important and necessary to dedicate this lesson to the topic of safety. It’s important to know, learn and respect safety rules. It is also essential for coaches to see the rules to teach…
  • Preparation of your firing point in Air Rifle shooting.
    – Prepare a tripod as a support for your rifle and holder for your pellets. Check that the height and position relative to your stance are correct for a comfortable ‘rest’ position. – Prepare two boxes of pellets and have them somewhere close in case you need them. – Prepare your target monitor (check angle…
  • What is the beginning of all success? Goals Settings.
    Goals, a clear conception, a vivid vision, a plan imagined, this is where it all begins.We all need goals to guide our actions and energies. Without them, our greatest gifts will wither away like a house plant that you never waste. Read more

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