Air Rifle – Preparation of your firing point in Air Rifle shooting.

– Prepare a tripod as a support for your rifle and holder for your

pellets. Check that the height and position relative to your

stance are correct for a comfortable ‘rest’ position.

– Prepare two boxes of pellets and have them somewhere close

in case you need them.

– Prepare your target monitor (check angle to avoid light

reflection) and hang the display controller on the tripod, ready

to be used.

– Prepare a bottle of drinking water on the bench for easy


– If you are shooting on paper targets, prepare a tripod for

telescope and set it up pointing at the target in a way that

minimizes disturbance of your position (head movement only).

– Prepare your shooting glove

– Prepare watches (any kind or type)

– Have ready drivers for all screws which are available on the gun

and on sights and position them, so they are easily accessible

– Prepare ear-muffs and earplugs

– Prepare glasses, check that the lenses are fixed firmly in the

correct settings

– Prepare a towel (to wipe away sweat) and a headband (if


– Turn off your mobile phone.

– Remove rings from left-hand fingers.

– Stand on the firing point and check if the light has the same

intensity on all other targets?

– If not, and before the preparation time for the competition begins

ask a judge (Jury Member) to fix it or correct it as necessary.

– Check if the floor is flat at your firing point and not slippery. If

it’s slick, tell a judge (Jury Member) and ask him for

permission to wipe the floor with a wet towel or, better still, get

the range staff to deal with it. Also, tap the bottom side of your

boot; this will also help. It is sound practice to clean your shoes

at home before training and competition.

– See if your monitor is displaying your name, your starting

number, and event correctly?

If not, then immediately inform

the range staff to correct it before the start of the competition.

– If you are shooting on paper targets, you should check that you

have them all (including sighting targets) and that they are

correctly (sequentially) numbered.

– Place a measuring tape on the floor pointing in the direction of

target, or a flat measuring strip so that you can control your

position and the width of your straddled feet in the shooting


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