Online Lectures (for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun)

In Shooting Coach Online application are prepared this topics:

Technical part:

Rifle disciplines:

Shooting Position Standing Air Rifle - position building, preparation, and technique.

Shooting position Standing Small-bore - position building, preparation, and technique.

Shooting Position Prone - position building, preparation, and technique.

Shooting Position Kneeling - position building, preparation, and technique.

What are parts of training and preparation in the shooting.

Shooting tactics - preparation for competitions, match tactic, preparation for travel, jet lag.

What you can read from the target? Solutions of problems.

General shooting technique (breathing, aiming, triggering, follow through, shooting rhythm, zero point, stability, and balance)

Outer and inner position, Balance, Stability, Posture and Weight Distribution

Pistol disciplines:

This part is planed for Autumn 2021.

Shotgun disciplines:

This part is planed for Winter 2021.

Physical preparation and talent selections:

Myths about talent's.

Talent selections. How to recognize talent.

Special anatomy and kinetic analysis of shooting positions (Rifle).

Requirements for physical skills.

Methods of recovering physical and psychical powers.

Psychological part and didactic:

How to be a good coach (Coaching Philosophy, Ethic).

Winners psychology and behavior.

Specifies of psychological preparation in shooting.

Motivation and meaning of it.

How to avoid depression and frustrations during and after competitions.

Positive thinking and hidden powers of the mind.

Goal settings.

Teaching process and didactic methods in shooting disciplines.

Differences in special preparation by age categories and genders (youth-juniors-seniors, men-women)

Requirements for mental skills.  


Special knowledge's:

Training Plans (training and competition planning).

Training's methods, special preparations (Drills, practice for different shooting positions).

Equipment and accessory related knowledge.

Doping knowledge's.

Ammo and Barrel Testing / Wind Light Management.

Suggestions for study - books.

Safety Rules and Gun Handling.

Competition rules / ISSF Rule book.

Sport technology & Assessment.

Gun Smith.

Lecture duration is 20 to 30 minutes.

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