Online Program For Beginners (rifle shooters)

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  • The online training program is for Beginners and shooters under 14 years.
  • Training program for beginners who want to do quick progress.
  • Learn correct shooting techniques.
  • The training session duration is 45 minutes.
  • Minimal order of 1 Training sessions
  • Price 45 € / 36 € for Walther!
  • The price is for 1 online training session.
  • The training session duration is 45 minutes.
  • The next order you will purchase after are all the training units used.

For more information, you call here +421 949334113 ( WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Viber).

Technical specifications

Connection software

  • E-mail
  • One of the next programs: WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, or Viber.
  • Google Meet app installed on Mobile.

Technical requirements

  • WiFi or 4G (5G) mobile internet connection
  • Mobile phone
  • Mobile holder with tripod ( adjustable height up to 150 cm or more)
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Scatt system with the computer (optional)
  • Paper target (minimal requirement)
  • Electronic target (optional) 

Environmental requirements

  • Shooting range
  • Room suitable for training with Scatt (optional)
  • Room suitable for dry training (minimal requirement)

Payment requirements:

  • Bank transfer
  • Wise