LIVE online competition - Rules   

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Competition: Final or 30/60 shots standing (shooting time - 35 /75 minutes) on decimals

Target: Scatt(due restrictions), Sius Ascor, Meyton

Category: No category. Competition is open for SH2 too.

Registration and fees: 

The competition is open just for the shooter's participating on some of ShootingCoach.Online trainings program and is free of charge.

Time schedule: The 3rd competition Air Rifle is on 18th April 2020


9:00 CET (Central Europe Time) - 1st relay (for shooters from Japan +7, Indonesia +5, India +31/2, UAE +2, Russia +1)

More details about next relays HERE.

Time zones: The relays will be shoot up shooter's time zone. More details HERE.

All participants will receive start list with their start time via email.

Preparation and Sighting: There is no preparation and sighting time. The shooter must be ready to start his competition on command from the organizer immediately when is his relay started (online time session). Shooters can shoot sighting before start until is last participant for relay connected.

Shooting time: The competitions AR 30 shots - 35 minutes

The final - 2 * 250 seconds and 14 * 50 seconds. (Same as the ISSF final)      

Target: The competition must be shoot on electronic target (Ascor, Meyton,...) Due Corona crisis is aloved to use also Scatt.

Technical conditions:

1st: The shooter is using for the connection to the organizer his mobile and WhatsApp application. 

2nd: The shooter must have on his shooting range (club or home range with 10-meter distance to the target) good internet connection ( Wifi or 4G). For Scatt any distance.

3rd: The shooter must use for a communication Bluetooth headset.

4th: His mobile must be fixed on the mobile holder and tripod.

The next information will get a shooter during pre-event training and after we will receive the final application. For competitions, we will use the next application. Information about will get shooter after we will receive the final application.

Pre-event Training: The training is just for newcomers and is required. The training will take place usually 20 minute before competition relay. Newcomers what not participated in the training will be cancelled from the competition.

The shooters must be uninterruptedly connected to our online room from first until the last shot of competition. In the case that is the connection interrupted the shooter will be contacted after his relay to finish his competition. If will be the shooter not reachable will be noticed as DNF (Did Not Finish)  

The video must be taken from a stable mobile holder with sound. Shooter, his gun and target must be visible on the video at the same time. The monitor must have a zoom that is possible to clearly identify all shots. After is competition finished must shooter take picture from his target and send it via WhatsApp to organizer. The picture should be from the whole screen with shots and numbers.

Connection without sound will be not accepted and the shooter will be disqualified.

Tie: If will have shooters on 1st place the same result will be the winner this who has better last (then 9th, 8th, ...) shot.

Shooters must by shooting technique and equipment follow ISSF Rules. 

In the case that you can't from "Vis major" reasons participate your registration will be moved to the next competition. All next case's will be not accepted.

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