During the years (it's already 48 years since I've been by shooting sport as shooter or coach) we found many so called SECRETS - interesting and very good hidden connections between our body, shooting position, shooting technique, mental preparation and results.

All of them are parts of our program's, many in Advanced Live Online Training, but some we will clarify step by step to our VIP shooters only.

A very important secret is how to change shooting position and remove back pain. We love shooting and shooters and we want that nobody struggles from pains because it is very difficult to have pains and joy from our lovely sport at the same time. This is a reason why we are teaching this secret in all our regular Live shooting programs.
As a shooter you have without help a very small chance to find all of the secrets that we found. Definitely it will cost you a lot of time, money and struggle but it was also our way.

Without these secrets is your chance to reach best results, just a question of co-accidents. This lack of knowledge will have an impact on your results and you will not understand why you have troubles.

In our VIP and Advanced programs we are offering you a shortcut.

Later we will publish them in our app for everybody.

But if you don’t want to wait, you can choose what level of shooting you want to reach now.

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