VIP Online Training Program
Regular monthly program for top national and VIP shooters.
The price is for 12 trainings unit and ASAP support as required.
The training unit duration is up to 75 minutes.
Price: 650€  
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Usually, are 2-3 pieces of training per week.
The main goal is to offer shooters exclusive and the most complex care.
The program is focused on preparation for the biggest national and international competitions.

The shooters will get:
Live online training one by one.
Most complex information about technical details.
Very specialized trainings for developing the correct shooting position.
The shooters will after required time for developing a high level of confidence
receive our most hidden coaching secrets what we yet never shared openly.
They will be using these secrets to get maximal developing their physical
and mental skills and will be step by step ready fight for medals and new
amazing records on the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cups.

Shooters will receive mental support and exercises before or after the competition.
Very specialized information’s about all technical details.
The specialization of shooting position, aiming, triggering.
Developing of the deepest understanding of ballistic.
Developing physical and mental skills to perfection.
Deepest understanding of the interaction between visible and invisible needs for top results.
Developing intuition and shots prediction.
Intuitive tactics and individual preparation for highest shooting competitions.

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