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Regular Online Training

The price is for 4 online training sessions. 

The training unit duration is 60 minutes.

The next order you will purchase after are all the training units used.

Price: 200€ 

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Basic regular program for Air rifle shooters.

Training duration is about 50 minutes. Usually, are 1-2 pieces of training per week. The main goal is to help shooters who are a participant of regular programs solve their technical,physical, mental or next problems appeared by shooters.The training must be used within 2 months after purchase.

The shooters will get:

Training one by one.

Basic information about technical details.

Starting to build the correct shooting position, aiming, triggering.

Basic information about ballistic, equipment.

Basic adjusting of guns.

Basic information about training, developing physical and mental skills 

and preparation for shooting competitions.

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