If mistaken shots are DOWN then check step by step for possible reasons and solutions.
Although there are here many possible reasons it can be difficult to solve your problem. If you will not find a reason for mistakes we recommend you take pictures from the position and
use our program HERE or choose some program HERE.

1st Reason: The butt plate is too down.

Solution: Move the but plate up. Always move it 1-2 mm only and step by step you will reach the correct adjusting.

2nd Reason: Cheek pressure was less as usual.

Solution: Check contact of your cheek on the cheekpiece.

3rd Reason: The gunstock is too long.

Solution: Decrease the length of the stock step by step 1-2 mm.

4th Reason: The right shoulder was not enough relaxed towards the down.

Solution: Relax right shoulder a little bit more down as by last shot.

5th Reason: Left shoulder was too much down.

Solution:  Relax left shoulder but don't push it too much.