The mental problems.

Our shooting sport is extremely connected with shooters' psychics. These athletes who are not mentally strong enough can reach still sometimes their personal best results but it is coming quite unexpectedly. Their results are not stable and by selection competitions are eliminated.

Luckily it is possible to work on mental preparation and there are ways how to improve mental power. It is needed to start by self analyses. Is good when the shooter is aware what is actually his biggest mental problem. Then it is possible to find solutions and step by step the experiences from failures due mental problems change them to advantage.

Most common problems are:

Fear, nervousness, responsibility, expectations, concentration problems, the feeling that everybody watches me, lost motivation or over motivation, etc.

As consequences then come stability problems (hand shaking, body swaying, knee weakness, whole body weakness, gun shaking, etc), higher pulse, high blood pressure, poor or impaired vision, inability to be focused, depression, frustration, etc.

The first step, what we would recommend is that you sit down in a quiet and peaceful place, take paper and pen and try to write all your emotions about what you have before, during and after competitions.

When you will have this information, then you can start to eliminate them. The possible solutions you can find in the articles what we are preparing in the section Training Tutorial or you can try our Mental training. We hope to find also some experienced shooters with University titles in the psychology of sport. We will inform you about it in our News section.