How it is working?

We will do what you booked on the page Booking a video call and I will be on your training attended almost as I would be presented physically. Many times I'm taking training pictures or videos (this is absolutely fantastic, do it on distance 5-6 or more thousand kilometers) and I will send it back to you and show you where I see something that is negatively influencing your results. We will together analyze the situation and you will get my advice and required steps on how to remove the problem from your position, technique, mental, physical or tactical troubles. On next training, I will check your progress and we will proceed to the next steps. If we will cooperate on a daily basis then you, your personal coach or some shooting colleague can take on every your training video or pictures from your position, target, scatt screen, etc. I will edit a picture on the place where I think there is some problem, I will send it back to you and I will call you, send you a voice message or write an explanation of the problem and steps that you need follow to solve it. On our next online training we will check everything that happened from last training. This way is possible also if there is too weak internet connection on your shooting range.

Below you can see as an example a few pictures from shooters who asked me for advice or solutions. I also received many videos.Some pictures from online advice you can see below.
How to attend online coaching training?

You will need:

Mobile or computer with a camera

Internet connection

WhatsApp or Google Duo

Stand with mobile or camera holder

Bluetooth headset
Steps to start training:

Visit page Programs and select your program. Write down programs code (needed for programs order).

Go directly to the Shop and order your program or free consultation

or send us a message via the Contact form, or WhatsApp.

We will contact you and recommend your best way for our cooperation.

We will send you an invoice with payment options via PayPal (no transfer charges, payment from credit card, debit card or bank account) or direct payment to our business account.

Do payment.

Book date and time for your training here.After confirmation, we will meet you in your training.Of course online.
How will I be ready for online training?

Install WhatsApp and (or) Google Duo from Google Play, Apps-Store. 

Check the internet connection on your training place.

Before training connect your Bluetooth headset with your mobile.

Place stand with the mobile (camera) holder on position 1 (opposite your face in shooting position approximately 1 m front of you) or position 2 ( approximately 1 m on the right side -right-hand shooters- and approximately 40 cm front of the axis of your right foot - target).

Send us a message via WhatsApp that you are ready and wait a few seconds for our video call.

Put your mobile into the holder.

Please be ready at the exact time because we need to use your booked time so effectively as possible.

We will contact you immediately with a video call and training will start.
And then you will have a lot of fun from your progress in the shooting.


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