Online Support for Clubs and Teams (code OSC)

Monthly program for club shooters or club teams.

The goal is to be successful by national teams competition ( as f.e. Bundesliga, Gruppen Match, etc).

Advanced information about technical details (finalising correct shooting position, aiming, triggering,

deep information about ballistic, equipment, finalising adjusting of guns).

The deeper information about shooting in competitions and the finale.

The deeper information about training, developing physical and mental skills, about tactics and preparation

for shooting competitions.

Online training 8 times/month. Training that is unused from any reason in the purchased month

is transferable to next month. Next order you will purchase after are all training units used.

Training unit duration is about 45 minutes.

Consultations and analysis during training.

Price : 499 €      By payment via PayPal is price 529€.     

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