Online Support for Clubs

Monthly program for club shooters or club teams.

Online training 4 times/month. 

Club shooters will have usually 1 training in the week.
The shooters can share training time.
The explanations, technical, psychological and tactical lectures we can do for all together.
This is most effective way how to do quick progress in the club.

Consultations and analysis during training.

The training unit duration is 60 minutes.

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Usually, are 1 piece of training per week.
The goal is to be successful by national teams competition ( as f.e. Bundesliga, Gruppen Match, etc)
Club shooters will received:

Advanced information about technical details (finalizing correct shooting position, aiming, triggering, deep information about ballistic, equipment, finalizing adjusting of guns).
Deeper information about shooting in competitions and the finale.
Deeper information about training, developing physical and mental skills, about tactics and preparation for shooting competitions.

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