Training Camp

During the camp, we will teach you very interesting information on how to improve your position, how to remove your back pains (or any physical problems coming from shooting positions), how to solve all your technical and psychological problems.

By long term participation, we will remove most of your problems and you will get recommendations for home training.

Training day consists of approximately 1 hour of personal training and up 4 hours of group training (Depended on amount of participants), technical, tactical and psychological lectures, mental exercises, physical exercises in the gym or in the forest.

1 - 2 times in the week we will organize short trips in interesting places around our city (castles, caves, canyons, hot springs, geyser, skiing, zoo, agua parks, walking trips on the mountains, etc) 

The maximum participants are around 6 shooters.

Download general information HERE.

If you have interest write HERE.  We will contact you as soon as possible.

Price: 90€ per day (Costs for shooting range are NOT included.) 

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