Air Rifle

If mistaken shots are UP then check for possible reason and solution.

Although are here many possible reasons it can be difficult to solve your problem. If you will not find reason for mistakes we recommend you make pictures from position an use our programs HERE or HERE.

1st Reason: Butt plate is too high.

2nd Reason: Zero point is too high.

3rd Reason: Center of gravity of the body
is closer to the left leg (to the front leg).

4th: Left hip is more in the front.

5th: Right leg is further.

6th: Gun-stock is too short.

7th: Left hand bolster up the gun, is more in the back.

8th: COG of the gun is more behind the left hand.

9th: Bigger pressure of the right hand on the gun-grip.

10th: Wrong right hand holding.

11th: Changes in the Right hand placement on the grip.

12th: Right elbow was lower than usual.

13th: Left shoulder – was too much up.

14th: Cheek-piece was overmuch up.

15th: Cheek pressure was too big.

16th: Head lean more at the back.

17th: Right shoulder was more pressed down.

18th: Too big side-bend of the upper part of the body.

19th: The left elbow was more up.

20th: Wrong triggering.

21th: Relaxation in the muscles during the shot.

22th: Combination of more reasons.