About Us

My name is Anton Belak. Together with my wife Anna Belakova we grounded this website as portal oriented on using very quickly developed internet also in our traditional Olympic sport. Our goal is to give chance receiving deep knowledge's about our sport also shooters far away from big shooting centres and best coaches. We from our own opinion know how are correct information's important for us and our athletes. 

We are shooting coaches from Slovakia specialised for rifles disciplines. As shooters we started with shooting in very small clubs, where we fought with deficient of information's, but with our big effort and attitude we reached as shooters national level and as coaches top international level. 

As national coaches, we worked successfully in a few countries where we got a lot of experiences what we are using by internet training. The first opinion with consultation with shooters via the internet we made already more then 10  years ago with our shooters from Switzerland. In the year 2010 I grounded with support from Sheikh Salman Sabah Al Sabah, that time president Asian Shooting Confederation, specialised website riflecourses.com where we published more than 100 different articles about rifles shooting with help from Mr. Kim Il Hwan, Mr. John Leighton-Dyson, Mr. Khalid Javed and technical support Mr. Ayman Atef. This time I did online training via Skype with a national coach from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi shooters did very big progress using also my help and few people maybe still remember their success on Asian Championships in Kuwait 2011.

I'm working as a professional coach since 1986 and my wife started as a coach some years later before she definitely finished her shooting career. We worked with nationals teams in Slovakia, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Kuwait and last years with many shooters belong to national squad of India. I was in the years 2017/2018/2019 Head coach in extraordinarily successful Project Leap created by Gun For Glory Shooting Academy and Olympic Gold Quest in India. 

Shooters which we taught won Olympic medals, 9 times 1st place in World Championships, few world records and more than 50 medals from European, Asian, Arab Championships and World Cups. Last successes you can see HERE.

My shooters won 3 time's Title ISSF Shooter Of The Year. 2 times shooter from Slovakia and 1 time from Switzerland.

We are speaking fluently English, Russian, German and Slovak. This are open doors for communication with many of you, our shooting family members.

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